Netball New Zealand (NNZ) is welcoming the first group to have completed the Performance Coach Qualification (PCQ), in the process adding to the depth of coaching talent around the country.

There has been a revamp of the NNZ Coaching Framework with the successful group of 11 undergoing at least two years’ worth of work to complete specific modules and coaching observations on their way to gaining the qualification.

Often fitted in around their regular jobs, families and other coaching commitments, this is a significant step in their coaching careers which included specific concentration at the advanced level of mental skills, skill acquisition, enhancing performance, performance planning and analysis.

Director of Netball at St Kentigern School, former Welsh international Nicola Lewis was full of praise for what the PCQ has added to her coaching credentials.

“I might be Welsh but I’ve always had this very close connection with New Zealand,” she said. “Even when we were playing, the Welsh and New Zealand players got on extremely well and if there was anywhere in the world I wanted to continue my coaching it was in this country.

“Starting from the bottom and with great support from NNZ, my coaching experience is just growing and growing. My ideals are just to get myself out there, to get recognised and to get as many experiences as possible that I can take to St Kents and the community of Netball Northern just to make the Zone and NNZ better.

“I’m really appreciative of this opportunity and the support I’ve had from Auckland, Netball Northern and NNZ to take my coaching further.”

All of the group enjoyed the sense of community and sharing that emanated from the coaching programme.

“It’s been a long journey for me which has given me this huge burst, a continuous burst where I couldn’t get enough of the modules that we had and the time we’ve spent together has been invaluable,” Vicki Morgan said.

Congratulations to the following people for completing the Performance Coach Qualification:

Nicola Lewis - Netball Northern

Vicki Morgan - Netball Northern

Shan Jensen Loach - Netball WBBOP

Liz Page - Netball Northern

Katherine Henry - Netball Northern

Nic Kelly - Netball Mainland

Jennifer Hooper - Netball Mainland

Peter McInnes - Netball Mainland

Tash Rowlands - Netball Central

Lisa Tod - Netball Central

Lee-Anne Taylor - Netball Central

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