The National Netball League is fundamental to strengthening Netball New Zealand’s performance pathway, the development of talent, and competitiveness of Netball New Zealand’s elite teams.

Central Manawa National Netball League programme

The NCZ Central Manawa programme is a periodised, performance netball programme that runs from a pre-season start in September to the end of competition in June the following year. This programme is led, developed and implemented by NCZ. 

The programme commences with a selection of a wider training squad from NCZ Super Zone club competition and centre nominations of appropriately skilled players to attend a one-day screening session. 

The programme will commence with a selection process led by NCZ Head of Selectors, Aroha Marsh with NCZ High Performance Director, Waimarama Taumaunu, Performance Manager, Pelesa Semu and in consultation with Central Pulse Head Coach, Yvette McCausland-Durie and Central Manawa Beko Head Coach, Anna Andrews-Tasola.

At this session NCZ selectors will decide which athletes will participate in the Central Manawa pre-season training programme.  All participating athletes will receive a completed NCZ player profile detailing their achievement against NNZ standards.  

Successful athletes will form the Central Manawa pre-season wider training squad.   These athletes will be provided strength and conditioning programmes and individualised support to help them prepare for Central Manawa trials.  Monitoring of the Central Manawa wider training squad will occur at regular intervals during the pre-season from September to January.

At any time during the pre-season and before the final Central Manawa trial players may be added and/or de-selected.  Performance, potential and attitude will all be considered when making decisions about selection and de-selection.

Following Central Manawa trials, a training squad of approximately 16 players will be named and these athletes will embark upon a weekly training regime comprising at least 2 netball practices, 2 supervised conditioning sessions, 2 supervised strength sessions and a minimum of 60 minutes of game play per week.  Netball practices will take place in Wellington, so athletes must be prepared to travel to and from every practice or re-locate.

Central Manawa players and staff will play a stronger role in Pulse succession planning over the next three years.  Player selections will continue to prioritise Pulse potential as a selection criterion and the programme will continue to strive to produce one contracted player per year.  Coaching and management staff will be appointed with a view to growing the pool of Pulse ready coaches and managers in the Zone.

We will also explore what playing and other netball opportunities we could offer to Central Manawa players who do not achieve a Pulse contract in any given year.  We are mindful that each year we have lost Central Manawa players to other franchises because we have re-signed the majority of our youthful Pulse team and therefore have not had contract openings for the next tier of talented players in our Zone.  Such opportunities would include, but not be limited to, increasing the number of training partners, having 12 on the bench at all home games and participation in pre-season competition.    

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