NCZ recognises that centres are largely staffed by volunteers and therefore additional work in the performance player development area is difficult to achieve. Therefore NCZ’s approach in this space will be to support all centres with specific resources to help them enhance their current and ongoing representative team programmes. In working in this way centres will be contributing to the Zone’s overarching performance objectives without adding tasks to their already crowded calendars.

Centre representative team programmes are short campaigns that commence in April with trials and end with the national or pinnacle tournament event sometime in July.

NCZ will provide all centres with a set of resources that could be used in conjunction with their representative teams. These resources include the following –

  • Sample annual calendar detailing what events should take place and when
  • NCZ age appropriate player profile
  • NCZ age appropriate player training diary
  • Sample selection policy
  • Sample trial team list schedule to record player positions and quarters

NCZ will provide a one off introductory induction around these tools for all centres. Thereafter ongoing information and/or training will occur as requested and within the normal regime of centre visits.

There is no expectation that centres will use all or any of these tools. They are simply made available for centre use to help in the development of performance players.

Central Zone Netball Centres

Central Zone consists of 13 Netball Centres of which several have attached satellites also.

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