After a successful introduction, Anna Andrews-Tasola has reaffirmed her credentials with reappointment as assistant coach for the Central Beko Netball League team in 2018.

In her first exposure at the level, Andrews-Tasola was part of an impressive campaign this year when Central swept aside all challengers in an unbeaten run to the Beko title during the second edition of the league.

Specifically introduced to provide a level of competition that sits immediately below the ANZ Premiership, the Beko League has proved an instant success in providing a pathway to the elite level by simulating a similar environment.

``This year was a fantastic experience, just being able to get exposure at that level and see what it takes to support players to move on to the next stage of their career,’’ Andrews-Tasola said.

``I’m really excited about having another opportunity with a new group of girls coming through and introducing them to what it takes to be at the next level and supporting and guiding them through that. It is very rewarding as a coach to see them develop, overcome obstacles and taking the necessary steps to reach their potential.

``Next year’s a clean slate where you don’t take anything for granted and you just keep working harder. We’re going to have a new group of players who are all fighting for positions and opportunities. It’s going to be different but different is good because it means new challenges and new ways of approaching things.’’

Andrews-Tasola, who had a diverse playing career which included playing for the Cook Islands World Cup team while also turning out for the Capital Shakers and Western Flyers in the former national domestic competition, has a strong background in age-group and club coaching.

She will team up with Pelesa Semu, who has taken over the joint roles of Zone Performance Manager and Beko team head coach for Netball Central after Natalie Milicich departed to take up the role of national coach with Netball Singapore.

The pair has been on the Wellington netball scene for some time but not worked directly together before despite belonging to the same club.

``I’m looking forward to working closely with Pelesa,’’ Andrews-Tasola said. ``She has a proven track record of developing up-and-coming players and also high-performing teams, so she’s someone I’m definitely keen to work with and learn from.

``For me, I’m not in any rush. As a coach, it takes time to gather a lot of experiences and I’m excited about what next year’s going to bring and the new challenges it’s going to have.’’

With the late start to next season because of the Commonwealth Games, trials will be held on March 3, a group of players having already been identified who are involved in individual programmes and regular camps.

``This is a great opportunity. I think we complement one another which is what we were looking for, so it’s all pretty exciting,’’ Semu said of Central’s new coaching partnership.