Experience the excitement as we embark on a journey to shape the future of netball with futureFERNS! The Zone is dedicated to supporting all Netball Centres in the implementation of the futureFERNS program across various levels. From the youngest players in Year 1 & 2, progressing through to Year 3 & 4, and advancing to Year 5 & 6, we're committed to nurturing a love for the game.

Our approach involves providing essential support to our Centres through engaging taster sessions, informative workshops, and vibrant festivals. These activities not only captivate participants and parents but also contribute to the development of Junior Coordinators, Star Helpers (Year 1 & 2 Coaches), Year 3 & 4 Coaches, and Year 5 & 6 Coaches.

Join us in the pursuit of creating skilled players who genuinely love the game. With futureFERNS, expect more passing, catching, and attempts at goals. Be a part of the futureFERNS movement, where we are not just shaping skilled players but also fostering a deep love for the game!"

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