netball smart

Based on research, NetballSmart promotes performance enhancement and injury prevention. It is a comprehensive holistic Injury Prevention Programme (IPP) connecting with not only coaches but also players, parents, officials, and governance.

Instrumental to the success of NetballSmart and integration of NetballSmart into Netball is dependent on NetballSmart being part of Netball from a community grassroot players, through the performance levels up to a High-Performance level. Consultation with the Netball New Zealand coaching team (futureFerns and community coaches, the coach developer network, Performance Coaches High Performance Coaches through to Dame Noeline Taurua) has ensured NetballSmart remains relevant, is connected, and aligned with current coaching strategies and is embedded into coaching courses and Netball in general within New Zealand.

The NetballSmart programme is led by Sharon Kearney (NetballSmart Consultant) and supported by two NetballSmart programme managers within NNZ.

There are six NetballSmart Development Officers (NSDO) based regionally in the Zones/Regions within New Zealand. The NSDO’s work closely with the Zone/Regional staff to bring NetballSmart to life and to deliver NetballSmart strategies to coaches, players, parents, and umpires. They are an integral part of the Netball community and their foci are the major cities of New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin).

NetballSmart has four key strategies:

  • Decrease serious Injuries (Ankle and Knee) of all Netball players.
  • Increase Awareness / Engagement of NetballSmart Philosophies into Netball practices.
  • Improve Player Wellbeing and Welfare.
  • Develop Physically Capable Competent Movers (PCCM) who can cope with the demands of
    the game.

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